Insights from the Field – Defense Matters

The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies approved a special tax regime, known as Retid, for its defense industry on February 16th. The Retid suspends taxes charged on medium-to-large scale manufacturers of goods and service for the strategic defense industry. Eligible companies must be accredited by the defense ministry and prove that at least 70% of their income comes from the strategic defense sector. The reduction will be valid for five years and is intended to promote the development of goods and services for defense, serve the needs of Brazil´s armed forces and promote defense exports.

Shortly after a fire destroyed Brazil´s Antarctic Base in February, the Chilean government is forging ahead with plans to build up its own military presence on the icy continent. The multibillion-dollar Chilean plan entails bolstering defense capabilities and fomenting tourism in Antarctica. President Piñera has announced a program to construct new Antarctic scientific research stations, the location of some will be chosen directly by the Chilean Ministry of Defense.

For original article, see Insights from the Field.


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