AS/COA – Polling Ahead, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Unveils Running Mate,_Cristina_Fernández_de_Kirchner_Unveils_Running_Mate/

“Fernández de Kirchner picked a vice president who she praised for his loyalty—economy minister Amado Boudou. Her choice also reflects her intention to make her administration’s economic model, which combines elements of nationalism and state support of local industry with export-driven growth, the centerpiece of her campaign.”

“As economy minister, Boudou presided over a post-2008 recovery that delivered 9.1 percent growth over the first four months of this year. The program of reindustrialization he manages has created jobs in the manufacturing sector, winning him points with Argentina’s powerful labor unions.”

” In recent months … her ratings have bounced back, due partly to Argentina’s positive economic performance and partly to an outpouring of sympathy over the death of her husband Néstor Kirchner in October 2010, jumping from 38 percent at that point to 55 percent the following month, where it has hovered ever since. Currently, Fernández de Kirchner is the clear frontrunner and with a fractured opposition, she may face little in the way of competition. Her closest rival in the polls for the October presidential election, Ricardo Alfonsín of the Unión Cívica Radical, distantly trails her with just 15 percent, followed by former President Eduardo Duhalde with 7 percent.”


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