NYT – President of Argentina to Seek Re-election


“Polls indicate that Mrs. Kirchner, 58, who succeeded her husband, Néstor Kirchner, as president in 2007, lacks lacks majority support in Argentina but might easily win re-election in the Oct. 23 first-round vote because the opposition is divided. … Mrs. Kirchner, the candidate of the Peronist party, will face challenges from Ricardo Alfonsin, the son of former President Raúl Alfonsin, and a fellow Peronist, former President Eduardo Duhalde, among others.”

“Her administration has had its difficulties, most notably a nationwide strike that halted farm production in 2008 to protest government grain export tariffs. Mrs. Kirchner had imposed the tariffs to try to force farmers to sell more of its production domestically and dampen rising food prices. Her own vice president, Julio Cobos, cast the deciding vote in the Senate defeating the export tariff package. The government has also struggled to contain inflation, which unofficial estimates have shown at times as over 20 percent.”

“At the same time, her administration has overseen a continuation of the impressive economic growth notched by her husband’s government. The World Bank estimates Argentina’s economy will expand by 6.3 percent this year, second only behind Peru in Latin America.”



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