Rousseff’s New Cabinet Picks Tasked with Handling Coalition

Rousseff’s New Cabinet Picks Tasked with Handling Coalition.

“Keeping a coherent governing coalition together in Brazil is not easy. The country boasts 27 officially inscribed political parties, making it difficult for any one to come out on top. With the resignation of her Chief-of-Staff Antonio Palocci over allegations of ethics violations, Dilma Rousseff’s job of keeping the 15 parties in her coalition on the same page just got harder. The task now falls to Gleisi Hoffmann and Ideli Salvatti…”

“Losing Palocci created a vacuum. According to The Economist, the president recruited Palocci into her administration “to act as the political enforcer to keep Rousseff’s unwieldy coalition in line.” He accomplished that goal partly by usurping the role of congressional liaison. … Unlike Palocci, who rose to prominence under Lula, Hoffmann owes her allegiance to Rousseff and does not have tight connections to Brazil’s business community, leading some to speculate that Rousseff’s administration will now tilt further left.”


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